Name: Kairikibou
Japanese Name: 壊力坊
Season: Seijuu Sentai Gingaman
Episode: Eighteen & Gingaman vs. Megaranger

Kairikibou is a strong red and white Majin with coral-like growths all over his body. He wields a spear and a large, red sledgehammer. Finding the "Oni Stone", an unbreakable artifact stone, that supposedly contains the Galaxy Lights, Karikibou prepared to smash the stone open with his sledgehammer. He hit the stone three times, which broke the hammer's handle apart. When the Gingaman fire their Juugekibou at Kariikibou, he holds the stone in front of him to take the blast. The stone is undamaged, but BullBlack succeeded in slicing the stone in half. In battle, he could also blast a laser from his mouth. The stone did not contain the Galaxy Lights, but he is enlarged and killed by Gingaioh. He is killed again by the Megarangers in the crossover movie after being revived.